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Anthoine Soave followed an unusual career path.

At just five years of age he was placed in a home, the Foyer DDASS Adolphe Chérioux.

A brilliant student, despite his difficult childhood, his excellent results led him to prepare the entrance exam to Sciences Po.

In 1989, during his final year at school in Auxerre, he was invited to the St Vincent Tournante festival. The discovery of Chablis was a revelation to him, especially as he had never been attracted to wine.

Change of course then as he decides to redirect his studies toward oenology. Sheer coincidence, the sibling of his orientation teacher was also a teacher, at the prestigious school of oenology in Beaune.

During his three year course at Beaune, Antoine spent his weekends and vacations earning a little money by working in the region, planting, plowing, pruning, assembling, filtering, filling bottles, and even selling wine; in fact he tried his hand at practically all the tasks associated with being a winemaker.

In 1993 he obtained his diploma and sales certificate (CCVS).

After graduating he first traveled to Chateau de la Nerthe, part of the Châteauneuf-du-Pape domain, to gather the grapes and participate in the vinification process, and then he continued on to Daniel Defaix’s domain in the Chablis region.

A few months later, struck by a sever fever, he felt deep within him the call to faith. He therefore joined a small congregation up in the hills around Nice before being assigned by the Bishop of Auxerre and a Chablis priest to the church of St Paul de Vence. A year later though he returned to his original vocation: the vine.

Following several work experiences in various sectors in the region, he met his future wife, Isabella, a speech therapist.

He then worked on a property in Provence as Cellar Master and took care of the vineyards of Château de Crémât on Bellet grounds.

In 2001, after two years alongside the CEO of Torbel Industries he decided to venture off on his own and purchased his first wine cellar in Nice.

Ensued the opening of three other stores, also located in Nice under the banner Côté-Vin, which he created.